What to avoid

Purchase of a concrete tank is a considerable expense and it has to be well thought out.

There are many companies in the market specialized in manufacturing of concrete septic tanks. When making a decision to buy a tank you pay attention to the price. If the price is too low the tank maintenance costs will be much higher, particularly where the tank is to be installed in a place of elevated groundwater level. This results from the necessity to empty the tank frequently which produces additional costs. The highest cost is linked to tank replacement.

When selecting a company to install a concrete tank you should check if they have heavy earth moving equipment. Companies with no such equipment reduce the amount of reinforcement, tank wall thickness (or weight) or even buy cheaper cement with high ash content. Reduction of tank weight reduces the installation price. However, such savings are of dubious nature and may lead to tank damage during use and further replacement which would generate higher costs.

If fabricated properly, a 10m3 tank should weigh approx. 10 tonnes which involves the use of heavy equipment, including crane, for installation purposes. Properly made and installed tank should be serviceable between ten and twenty years with no significant maintenance costs related to e.g. frequent removal of groundwater or rainwater. .